How To Clean Mushrooms, Cleaning and Storage

How To Clean Mushrooms, Cleaning and Storage

Today we are going to look at how to Clean Mushrooms, and also how to store them which will help preserve them for a much longer time for use.

We all know that Mushrooms even though yummy in taste are a little bit on the higher price range and do go bad really fast, thus if we can preserve them for a longer run, we will be able to utilize them in our kitchen in various recipes.

As Mushrooms have a lot of water content in them it’s advised to not soak them in water or else the dish that you plan to make can turn out really watery.

And as mushrooms grown in the earth and have a lot mud sticking to them it’s very important that you clean Mushrooms in a proper manner so as to remove all the mud and dirt on it before cooking them, so in this blog i am going to tell you two ways of cleaning the mushrooms, and you can choose either or and do write to me which one you prefered after trying.

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Step by Step Video for ‘How To Clean Mushrooms’  (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Storage of the Mushrooms 

  1. Mushrooms will last in the refrigerator for not more than 2 days before they start to change colour and within 3 days they are unusual.
  2. So for the mushrooms to last longer than that, remove them from the plastic that you get from the store and keep in airtight container with a paper napkin or paper towel on the bottom.
  3. Then place the mushrooms on the paper napkin and then place one more paper napkin on top, and then cover the lid.
  4. This will help keep ur mushrooms last for 2 more extra days.

Method 1 for cleaning the Mushrooms

  1. Remove the Stem / Stalk of the mushroom by your hands, it will come off very easily,
  2. Then using your fingers start peeling the top layer of the mushrooms skin, that will as well come of very easily, You might not even require a knife to do it.
  3. Do the same with the Stem / Stalk
  4. Now very gently rinse the Mushrooms and they are ready to use.

Method 2 for cleaning the Mushrooms

  1. Take the mushrooms and sprinkle some All Purpose Flour / Maida on top of the Mushrooms.
  2. And using your fingers gently rub the mushrooms. This will help remove all the dirt.
  3. Then Rinse the mushrooms very gently.
  4. And pat dry and the mushrooms are ready to use.

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