Spinach Corn and Paneer Cheese Sandwiches

Spinach Corn and Paneer Cheese Sandwiches


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A creamy Spinach Corn and Paneer Cheese Sandwiches is just that and much more.

As the name suggests there is a lot of cheese and paneer spinach and corn and because of the cheese and the Paneer and the corn your kids are definitely going to love to take these sandwiches to the school in the lunch box/ tiffin box or you can serve it up as a breakfast or as a snack and due to the unique green colour the sandwiches look very different than the normal sandwiches and you are basically giving your kids protein and iron packed sandwiches as  paneer has a lot of protein and spinach have a lot of iron you and also name the sandwiches as popeyes Sandwiches due to the spinach content in it and I am sure that your kids are going to enjoy this name as well as the sandwiches.

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Step by Step Video for ‘Spinach Corn & Paneer Cheese Sandwiches‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for the Spinach Corn & Paneer Cheese Sandwiches

Cottage cheese / Paneer homemade 20 grams
Spinach leaves / Palak patta 6 to 7
Corn / Makkai 3 tbsp
Capsicum / Shimla mirch 2 tbsp
Black pepper / Kali mirch ¼ tsp
Cream cheese spread 1 tbsp
Mayonnaise 1 tbsp
Bread slices 6-8

Prepping for the Spinach Corn & Paneer Cheese Sandwiches 

1) watch the spinach leaves and roughly chop them up and keep it in a bowl  and keep aside

2) boil the corn and keep aside in a bowl. Chop the capsicum and keep aside in a bowl.

3) remove the corners of the bread slices and cut it into half

Method for making the Spinach Corn & Paneer Cheese Sandwiches

1) In a Blender add the cottage cheese, Followed by the roughly chopped spinach And blend till the time you get a course paste.

2) Once the paste is ready remove it in a big mixing bowl.

3) Add the boiled corn, chopped capsicum, some black pepper powder, mayonnaise and the cream cheese.And mix well.

4) once mixed keep it aside

5) now take the bread slices and apply a little bit of butter on it.

6)Then add the prepared stuffing on top of the buttered side of the bread and then cover it up with the other side.

7)you can serve as it is or you can grill it on a griddle.

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