Veg Fried Rice Restaurant Style

Veg Fried Rice Restaurant Style




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Veg Fried Rice recipe with step by step detailed written recipe and video. Fried Rice is a popular indo chinese dish that all age people enjoy to the fullest in india. Fried Rice is very popular in restaurants and also as street side food, but is rarely made at home, as the common complain is that it never tastes like restaurant or street side.

So here I bring you the recipe of Veg Fried Rice restaurant style. Just follow the steps and the tips and i am sure you will make this dish a regular favorite in your kitchen.

This recipe tastes excellent with Manchurian and Hakka Noodles

Step by Step Video for ‘Veg Fried Rice‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for Veg Fried Rice

Rice 1 cup
Onion - Finely Chopped ⅓ cup
Green Onion Bulb - Finely Chopped ¼ cup
Carrots - Finely Chopped ⅓ cup
Cabbage - Finely Sliced ½ cup
Capsicum - Finely Chopped ½ cup
Green Onion - Finely Chopped ⅓ cup
Black pepper ¼ tsp
Ginger Paste 1 tsp
Garlic Paste 11/2 tsp
Chinese seasoning 1 tsp
Tomato Sauce 1 tsp
Vinegar ½ tsp
Soya sauce 2 ½ tsp
Green Chilli Sauce 1 tsp

Prepping for the Veg Fried Rice

1)Rinse the rice and keep it aside for half an hour.Then in a large pot add a lot of water and wait for it to start boiling once the water starts boiling add some salt and the rinsed rice and cook it till the time they were 90% done and then drain the rice and then apply little oil so that they don’t stick to each other and transfer it on a big plate till the time they came down to room temperature

2) Chop all the vegetable and keep aside.

Method for making the Veg Fried Rice

1)In a big wok add some oil and once it is hot add the garlic and ginger paste and stir it for about 10 to 15 seconds.

2)after 15 seconds add the onion followed by the green onions bulbs and then the carrots.

3)stir this in intervals and cook for the next 2 to 3 minutes.  

4) After the onion and carrot have cooked for 2 minutes it’s time to add the capsicum, green onions and cabbage.Mix well.

5) Cook for 2 minutes

6)After 2 minutes add The black pepper,followed by the Chinese seasoning,then the tomato sauce,Vinegar, soya sauce, Green Chili sauce and little bit of salt

7)mix all of this together, let the sauces get incorporated with the vegetables

8)quickly add our rice and very gently mix it all in as it’s cooked rice it can easily break so be extra gentle and one they are mixed in with the veggies and the sauces are mixed in turn off the flame

9) Garnish with some green onions and serve hot with Manchurian.

Tips : making the Veg Fried Rice

1) Make sure that the flame is always on high. Whenever you’re cooking Chinese food the flame always has to be on high.

2) I recommend that you use a big wok or any big vessel whenever you are cooking Chinese that evenly distribute the heat and makes sure Chinese taste like restaurant style.

3)very careful on the amount of salt that you use as these sauces also contain a lot of salt. so you don’t want your dish to become over salty,  you can always add some later on if you want but you can’t remove the Salt from the dish.


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