Best Cheesy Veg Sandwich Recipe

Best Cheesy Veg Sandwich Recipe




5 min


5 min

Ingredients for Cheesy Veg Sandwich

onions 2 tbsp
capscium 2 tbsp
tomatoes 2 tbsp
boiled potato 2 tbsp
green chillies 2
coriander leaves 1 tbsp
chaat masala ¼ tsp
black pepper powder ¼ tsp
mayonnaise 1 ½ tbsp
bread 4 slices
cheese slices 2
butter 1 tsp
Salt as per your taste

This Cheesy Veg Sandwich recipe is an outcome of the cravings I had when I wanted to have something cheesy and filling and not to mention healthy as well. So when my hunger pangs were getting the best of me I opened my refrigerator to see what options i had… i came across some regular vegetables that we mostly all have in our fridge and cheese slices and i started dreaming of some grilled cheese sandwich and scattered around in the kitchen to see if i had some bread, fortunately for me i was in luck and then one thing led to another and i made this sandwich which was a super hit… happy to say that yummy was in my tummy..


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Prepping for the Cheesy Veg Sandwich 

  1. Finley chop the onions, capsicum, tomatoes and coriander leaves
  2. Finley slices the green chillies
  3. Boil and mash the potatoes


Method of making the Cheesy Veg Sandwich 

  1. In a large mixing bowl add the onions, capsicum, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander leaves, boiled and mashed potato, salt, chaat masala and black pepper powder and mix well.
  2. Once mixed add the mayonnaise and mix the stuffing well.
  3. Take 2 slices of bread and generously apply the stuffing on both the slices of bread evenly.
  4. Place 1 cheese slice on top of one of the stuffing and land the other bread with the stuffing on, on top of the cheese slice.
  5. Now apply butter on the top side of the bread
  6. Land the buttered side bread on the pan and cook till it turns golden brown in colour
  7. Then apply butter on the other slice of bread and cook this side as well till it turns golden in colour.
  8. Once both sides are grilled then remove them on a plate and cut diagonally and enjoy while it’s hot with some tomato ketchup or some spicy green chutney.

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