Chocolate Swiss Rolls

Chocolate Swiss Rolls




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Have a school project or just want to have fun with kids in the kitchen… here’s is a perfect recipe of Chocolate swiss rolls cookies which requires no baking, no fire and very easy and fun to make with your kids, so what are you waiting for, as I not only show you one but two ways of making this delicious dessert.

Step by Step Video for ‘Chocolate Swiss Rolls ‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for Chocolate Swiss rolls cookies & Cocoa Coco Kali

Marie Biscuits (Tea biscuits) 250 grams
Instant Coffee powder 1 tsp
Chocolate Syrup ¼ cup
Cocoa Powder 1 tsp
Butter 1 ½ tsp
Milk 1 cup

Ingredients for the Coconut filling

Desiccated coconut 1 cup
Powdered sugar ½ cup
Cardamon powder ¼ tsp
Butter 1 ½ tsp
Milk 1-2 tbsp
Coco chips (optional) 2-3 tbsp

Prepping  for Chocolate rolls Cookies & Cocoa Coco Kali

  1. Crush the marie biscuits and make fine powder in a blender.
  2. Apply butter on the parchment  paper.


Method for the Chocolate rolls & Cocoa Coco Kali

  1. The the powdered marie biscuits and add the coffee powder, chocolate syrup, butter , cocoa powder and milk and make into a soft dough.Divide it into two equal parts
  2. Take one part of the dough to make the swiss roll and keep the second part to make the choco coco kali
  3. Now on the buttered parchment paper using a rolling pin roll the dough into rectangular shape.
  4. Now in a bowl take the desiccated coconut, powdered sugar, cardamom powder, butter milk and mix well.
  5. Apply half of this mix on top of the rolled out dough,
  6. Sprinkle some cocoa chips and press them slightly.
  7. Now with the help of the parchment paper start rolling it in. Do check my video as it will help you understand.
  8. Once you have made a roll, keep it in the fridge for the next 4-5 hours.
  9. Take the 2nd dough and now cut that into half and make two rectangular shapes out of it on a buttered parchment paper.
  10. Now apply the desiccated coconut mix and then the cocoa chips on one of the horizontal layer. Now lightly take the other layer and land it on top of the first one. Cover with the same parchment paper and keep in the fright for 4-5 hours.
  11. After 4-5 hours remove both the chocolate swiss rolls and the choco coco kali and unwrap them.
  12. Now slice the rolls using a knife keeping 1” distance.
  13. And cut the choco coco kali in a diamond shape (please check my video for more reference)
  14. Serve with a glass of milk, and store the rest in a airtight container in the fridge. It will last in the fridge for two weeks.

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