Churma Laddoo & Modak – Rajasthan & Gujarat specialty

Churma Laddoo & Modak – Rajasthan & Gujarat specialty




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This Authentic Gujarati churma ladoo is a famous festival sweet in Gujarat, and is served at the “ Ganesh Chaturthi” festival of Lord Ganesha. as the saying goes that Lord Ganesha loves laddoo – be it laddoos made from rice flour or wheat flour. A laddoo is a laddoo.

Churma, is a very famous dish in rajasthan which consists of sugar, ghee and coarsely ground whole wheat flour. As Gujarat and rajasthan are neighbour states they have many similarities in their traditional food and culture which is very evident from the the recipes of Churma ( Rajasthani specialty) and Churma Ladoo ( Gujarat specialty)

Step by Step Video for ‘Churma Laddoo & Modak’ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for the Churma Laddoo

Whole Wheat flour ½ cup
Coarse Wheat Flour ½ cup
Jaggery / Gud ¾ cup
Ghee / Clarified butter ½ cup
Jaifal / Nutmeg pinch
Cardamom powder / Elaichi ¼ tsp
Oil 3 tbsp
Poppy seeds / Khuskhus ¼ tbsp

Method for making Churma Laddoo & Modak Recipe

1)In a big mixing bowl add the whole wheat flour followed by the Coarse wheat flour, then add the oil and using your hands you are going to mix it all in.

2)After mixing take a handful of this dough and close your fist to see if the flour forms into the fist shape that means that you have enough oil or else you need to add more oil.

3)Now start adding little luke warm water at a time, as you need to knead a tough dough and not a soft one

4)You should need around 10-12 tsp of lukewarm water to knead the dough.

5) now take a small about of this dough and keep pressing it till it becomes like a rough log shape, it should fit in your hand so  remove excess if it becomes too big,  then using your fingers make  a dent and then keep pressing on it, you can even use the help of your other hand to press it. ( For more clarity please watch my video)

6) After you have shaped the dough you need to fry it.

7) so in a kadai add the ghee and once it’s hot add about two of this shaped dough and fry it till the time they start looking golden brown in color.

8)When it gets to that color remove it, repeat the same for the rest of the shaped dough.

9) After frying the shaped dough let them rest till the time they get to room temperature,

10) once at room temperature, using your hands roughly break them into small pieces.

11) And add them into the blender and make a smooth powder out of it.

12)Time to run it through a sieve, so keep a bowl underneath the sieve so as to collect the smooth powder.

13)remove any coarse dough which is remaining in the sieve.

14)to this smooth powder which has collected in the bowl, add the elaichi powder, and the nutmeg powder, and mix it well and then keep it aside

15) in the same kadhai add about ⅛ cup of the same ghee, which you had used earlier for frying, and once it’s hot  add the jaggery, and cook it till the time the jaggery starts melting,

16)once the jaggery has melted turn off the flame.

17)And add it to the dough powder.

18)And mix it really well, and wait till it cools down a bit

19)Once it’s a bit cool, start making laddoos, by taking a small amount in your hand and giving it a round shape the size of a lime.

20)For the modak, take the same amount of dough in your hands first give it a round shape then using your fingers give it a tapering shape on one end.

21)After all the  laddos and modaks are shaped, take a pinch of the khus khus or poppy seeds in my palm, you can even use a plate, and then take the laddo and start rolling it over the khus khus.

22) all the laddos and modaks are ready so it’s time to plate.

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