Very Simple Dahi Bhindi Recipe – Okra with yogurt, Easy dinner

Very Simple Dahi Bhindi Recipe – Okra with yogurt, Easy dinner




5 min


10 min

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Ingredients for making Dahi Bhindi

Bhindi / Okra - Chopped 1 “apart 300 Grams
Onion 1 Large size
Tomato 1 Medium size
Onions seeds ½ tsp
Green Chilli 2
Haldi / Turmeric ¼ tsp
Curd/ Plain Yogurt 2 tbsp
Dhania-Jeera Powder / Cumin Coriander Powder ½ tsp each
Red Chilli powder ½ tsp
Oil 1 tbsp
Salt as per your taste

Ingredients for the Garnishing

Dhania / Cilantro 1 tbsp

Prepping for Dahi Bhindi Recipe

  1. Dice up the vegetables (Bhindi 1” apart, slice the onions and tomatoes) keep aside in a bowl.

Method for making the Dahi Bhindi Recipe

  1. In a vessel add the oil, once hot add the onion seeds wait for them to sizzle which should take 10-15 seconds
  2. Once they start sizzling add the green chillies and the onions.
  3. After two minutes the onions would have started changing color. Now it time to add the bhindi, turmeric and salt.
  4. Keeping the flame on high mix it well together. And cook for 1 minute.
  5. Now cover the vessel , turn the flame on low and cook for 3-4 minutes. Do stir in intervals.
  6. After 4 minutes add the tomatoes, the Dhania-Jeera Powder and the red chilli powder. Mix well.
  7. Cover and cook for 3-4 minutes or till the time the tomatoes are fully cooked.. Do stir in intervals
  8. After 4 minutes or once the tomatoes are fully cooked add the curd / Dhai and mix well. Cook for 1-2 minutes.
  9. Once cooked serve in a plate and garnish with some fresh dhania / Cilantro leaves.

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