Easy Mix Dal Handvo recipe

Easy Mix Dal Handvo recipe




5 min


5 min

Handvo is a vegetable cake, it is a big part of the gujarati cuisine. it is often made with bottle gourd filling and many other vegetables. its a savoury dish and is usually eaten for breakfast.

I personally have loved handvo since my childhood, At my house my mom used to very often make this and even give it to us in out lunch box. Handvo is considered to be a healthy breakfast as it consists of lot of rentals and vegetables and can be cooked in very little oil.

Handvo is usually crisp from the outside and soft from the inside. I absolutely love when i get the hard part thats my fav route part of eat a handvo i also love to eat it with some chunda ( recipe you will find of my website) or with some chutney or even tomato ketchup.

Step by Step Video for ‘Easy Mix Dal Handvo‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for Mix Dal Handvo recipe

Rice 1 cup
Urad Dal / Split and dehusked black gram ¼ cup
Toor dal/ Tuvar dal / Split pigeon peas ⅛ cup
Chana dal / split chick peas ⅛ cup
Moong dal / petit yellow lentils ⅛ cup
Curd / dahi ½ cup
Grated Carrots ½ cup
Grated Dudhi / lauki / bottle gourd ½ cup
Methi / Fenugreek leaves ¼ cup
Adrak mirchi paste / Ginger Chilli Paste 2 tsp
Curry leaves / Kadi patta 4-5
Kashrir red chilli powder 1 tsp
Haldi / Turmeric ¼ tsp
Rai / Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Til / sesame seeds 2 tsp
Sugar ½ tsp
Baking soda ¼ tsp
Hing / asafetida pinch
Oil for tempering and cooking
Salt as per your taste

Prepping for the Mix Dal Handvo recipe

  1. Rince the rice, the Urad Dal (Split and dehusked black gram),Toor dal (Tuvar dal / Split pigeon peas), Chana dal (split chick peas) and the Moong dal (petit yellow lentils ⅛ cup)
  2. Then you are going put all of it in a big bowl to soak them in drinking water for 4-5 hours.
  3. After 4-5 hours you need to remove the water and add it to the blender along with the curd and make a smooth paste.
  4. Remove the batter in a bowl and keep the batter overnight in a warm place for fermentation.
  5. Grate/ chop the vegetables.

Method for making the Mix Dal Handvo recipe

1)to our fermented batter add the grated Lauki which is bottle gourd, grated carrots, the fenugreek leaves which is methi, the ginger chilly paste, 1 tsp of sesame seeds which is til, followed by some sugar and the kashmiri red chilli powder, haldi which is turmeric and hing which is asafetida.

2)Now guys mix everything in till all our veggies and masalas are nicely mixed in with the batter.

3)Once everything is mixed in take the baking soda and add a tsp of water and mix it well and then add it to the batter along with the salt and mix really well.and keep aside.

4)Now in a tempering pan add some oil and once hot add the mustard seeds and once they start to sizzle add the curry leaves and add it to the batter mix.and mix well again.

5)Now in a kadi add some oil and once hot add the mustard seeds which is rai followed by the sesame seeds which is til

6)and then in the center add about 1 ½ big ladle full of our batter mix, and press it down and now cover the lid and cook for 3-4 minutes or until the bottom side of this batter gets nice and golden brown in color.

7)Make sure your flame is on low.

8)After 3-4 minutes, remove the lid and flip the handvo, then cover it up and cook it  for the next 2-3 minutes.

9)After 2-3 minutes the handvo is ready so remove it from the kadai and cut into equal parts, and you will see how nice and soft it is from the insides and crispy from outside.

10) Serve while hot with some Chunda or tomato sauce or chutney, my favourite is of course chunda.

You can also save the batter in the fridge for a day or two. If you keep it outside it will keep fermenting and getting sour.

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