Gajar Ka Halwa –  No Milkmaid, No Khoya or Mawa.

Gajar Ka Halwa – No Milkmaid, No Khoya or Mawa.




10 min


30 min

Gajar Ka Halwa is the perfect sweet to make at home during the winters. You get the most delicious red juicy carrots which are perfect to make the Gajar ka Halwa. Also this recipe is no frills recipe as you don’t require any milkmaid or khoya or mawa. Just a few ingredients which you will already have in your pantry and the perfect sweet dish will be ready.

I always make this halwa at least once a month during the winters, and with this recipe I enjoy the taste of the carrots as none of the ingredients overpower the taste of sweet carrots.So without further ado let me share this simple yet tasty recipe with you.

Step by Step Video for ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients to make Gajar Ka Halwa

Carrots (grated) ½ Kg
Full Fat Milk ½ Lt
Sugar ½ cup
Cardamom powder / elaichi powder 2 pinch
Dry fruits ( Almonds & Cashews) 1 tbsp
Ghee / Clarified butter 1 tsp


  1. Wash the carrots and peel of the skin.
  2. Grate the carrots using a big hole grater.
  3. Boil the Full Fat Milk.


  1. In a big pan add Ghee and turn the flame on high. Make sure the ghee has melted and has covered the bottom of the pan
  2. Now add the Grated Carrots and mix well.
  3. Cook the carrots on high flame for at least 5 minutes or till the time you see some difference in the color and texture.
  4. Now add the Boiled full fat milk along with the cream that you will find floating on top of the Milk.
  5. Along with the milk add the sugar, and lower the flame to medium and let it cook for 15-20 minutes.
  6. After 15-20 minutes add the cardamom powder and half of the dry fruites.
  7. Now cook till all the milk has dried up that should be around 5-7 minutes.
  8. Remove in a bowl and garnish with the rest of the dry fruits. Serve hot.
  9. You can save the rest in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, but always serve it hot.

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