Garlic bread rolls recipe on Pan/tawa

Garlic bread rolls recipe on Pan/tawa




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Garlic bread rolls are simply amazing bread roll ups made with fresh homemade bread and garlic butter at home. These garlic bread rolls are made on pan or tawa on stove. It’s easy no-oven garlic bread rolls recipe.

I love Garlic bread rolls with a bowl of soup or salad and it becomes the perfect dinner. And the satisfaction that you get when you make something like Garlic Bread Rolls from scratch is unbelievable. and trust me you will not be able to stop at one.

In fact my family has gotten used to me making this whenever i make make or salad. and are eagerly waiting for it. I do have a very great recipe of tomato soup if you want to try it along with Garlic Bread Rolls.

Step by Step Video for ‘Garlic bread rolls’ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for the Bread rolls

All purpose flour (maida 2 cups + 2 tbsp for dusting
Whole Milk (full fat milk) ¼ cup
Instant yeast ½ tsp
Warm Water ½ cup
Sugar 1tbsp
Salt ¾ tsp
Oil 2tbs

Ingredients for the Garlic Butter

Soft butter at room temperature 3tbsp
Garlic cloves 8-10
Chili Flakes ¼ tsp
Black pepper ¼ tsp
Mixed Italian herbs 1 tsp
Sliced onions ⅛ cup
Jalapenos ⅛ cup
Olives ⅛ cup
Salt as per your taste

Prepping for the Garlic Bread Rolls

  1. Dice up the vegetables keep aside in a bowl.
  2. make the Garlic Butter by mixing all of the ingredients and keep aside(crushed garlic cloves, chilli flakes, salt, black pepper, mixed Italian herbs)

Method for the Garlic Bread Rolls

  1. Take ½ cup of warm water in a mixing bowl. Add sugar and yeast and mix it and let it rest for 10 minutes, you can always cover it up.
  2. After 10 minutes you will see the forth, add this all purpose flour,oil, salt and add the milk.
  3. and knead soft dough it will take about 10 minutes to knead this dough until its soft and elastic dough.
  4. Make a ball out of the dough and transfer it in lightly oiled bowl.
  5. Cover the bowl with a cling wrap and let it rise in a warm place until it doubles in volume, 2-3  hours.
  6. After 2-3 hours dust your working area with all purpose flour and transfer the risen dough onto the floured surface.
  7. Punch the dough with hands and divide it into two.
  8. Take one dough ball and roll it to a big circle.
  9. Apply a thick layer of garlic butter all over on top of the rolled dough.
  10. Now in half of this butter dough add the onions, jalapenos and olives.
  11. Hold the dough from one side and roll it like a log.
  12. Cut the log in 1” thick pieces and spread them a little.
  13. Take a heavy bottom pan (preferably wrought iron) and put few drops of oil on it.
  14. Put the pieces of dough on the pan at least 1” apart from each other.
  15. Cover the pan with cling wrap and keep it in warm place for the second rise for about an 11/2 hr
  16. After an 11/2 hr dough will be doubled in volume.
  17. Now take the lid of the pan and cover it with a cotton clothes so that steam does not fall back on the rolls while cooking.
  18. Take out the cling wrap from the pan and cover it with the lid.
  19. As my pan is not very thick i have double layered it, so i have kept a griddle underneath the pan
  20. Cook the rolls on very low heat for about 8-9 minutes.
  21. After 8-9 minutes turn the rolls upside down, cover the pan again and let the rolls and cook for 3-4 minutes more.
  22. Once you see rolls are golden brown from both the sides, switch off the heat.
  23. Brush the rolls with some garlic butter and serve hot with some soup or salad.

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