Hot Garlic Maggi recipe, New style of maggi

Hot Garlic Maggi recipe, New style of maggi




2 min


5 min

This recipe shows Hot Garlic Maggi Masala Recipe as Maggi is the most favorite food of all indian. This 2 minute ready to cook meal has won hearts of many since ages and it has become the most popular street food.

Maggi masala is one of most popular fast foods in India. In this video I have shown the process of making Street Style Hot Garlic Maggi Masala.This Hot Garlic maggi masala is bachelors recipe (beginners recipe). This recipe of Street Style Hot Garlic  Maggi Masala is very easy, even for beginners and bachelors. You can Use any garlic chutney that you have in your house and if you are going to make one then I have a wonderful recipe already uploaded online Garlic Chutney This could be a quick option for evening snack. This Hot Garlic Maggi Masala Recipe is one of my recipes from bachelor beginners recipes, for other bachelors maggi beginners recipe, please click on following link:

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Step by Step Video for ‘ Hot Garlic Maggi‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for the Hot Garlic Maggi

Maggi 2 packets
Onions ½ small size
Tomatoes ½ medium size
Capsicum ½ medium size
Chilli flakes ¼ tsp
Italian mixed herbs ¼ tsp
Spicy Garlic chutney 1 tbsp
Butter ½ tsp

Prepping for the Hot Garlic Maggi

1) roughly chopped onion capsicum and tomatoes and keep aside.

2) prepare the garlic chutney( you can look up my garlic chutney recipe on the website)

Method for making Hot Garlic Maggi

1) in a pan at 2 cups of water.

2) and once the water is a little warm then add the roughly chopped onion capsicum and tomatoes.

3)Add the sachets of masala that come along with the Maggi, Along with Chilli flakes,Mixed Herbs and Spicy garlic chutney. and mix it all in.

4) Once mixed then add the  Maggi noodles And cover and cook for the next 3 to 4 minutes on the lowest flame possible.

5) After 4 minutes mix some Maggi ,  and add the butter and wait for the butter to melt.

6) once the butter has melted remove it in a serving bowl and eat while it’s hot

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