Instant Rava Pizza Recipe

Instant Rava Pizza Recipe




10 min


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Instant Rava Pizza are so easy to make at home, even if you don’t have oven. So why go for store bought? You can eat unlimited pizzas at home with your favorite toppings and as many or as little topping you want, and never have to worry your wallet.

When you plan to make Vegetarian pizza at home you just need the base, the pizza sauce ( have a awesome recipe for the same on my channel) and the toppings with cheese. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have an oven stop you from enjoying a slice of heaven. Also i realized that many are not comfortable using yeast or are allergic to yeast so here I bring you a recipe that doesn’t require oven or Yeast.

This Rava Pizza is so instant and you can just make it effortlessly in no time… so no more excuses surprise your family with this new version of pizza which tastes really good even for breakfast.

Step by Step Video for ‘Instant Rava Pizza ‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for Rava Pizza

Rava/ suji / semolina/sooji 1.2 cup
Maida / All purpose flour 1 tbsp
Chawal ka atta/ rice flour 1 tbsp
Curd / dahi ½ cup
Baking soda pinch
Garlic 5-6 cloves ¼ tsp
Black pepper powder/ Kali mirch ¼ tsp
Mixed italian herbs ½ tsp
Chilli flakes ½ tsp
Tomato sauce or ketchup 1-2 tbsp
Salt as per your taste
Oil 1-2 tbsp
Your choice of toppings 1/2 cup

Prepping for the Instant Rava Pizza

  1. Cut all the vegetables (toppings of your liking).
  2. Finely slice the garlic.

Method for making the Instant Rava Pizza

1)In a large mixing bowl add the rava, then add the rice flour which is chawal ka atta followed by the all purpose flour which is maida, then the curd, some salt and mix it all in.

2)Then add some water say about ¼ cup and mix until you get a smooth thick batter which is still at pouring consistency.

3)Now cover it up and keep it aside for the next 15-20 minutes.

4)After 15-20 minutes the rava must has soaked up the water and is still at pouring consistency.

5)If your rava is too thick then add some water.

6)Now to this add half of the garlic and all of baking soda, and mix it vigorously.

7)Then in a pan add some oil and spread it so that it coats the surface of the pan,

8)and then add two big ladle full of this batter and using the ladle give it a round shape

9)then cover it up and cook for the next 2-3 minutes.

10)After 2-3 minutes or once the bottom is golden brown in color, flip and add some tomato sauce or tomato ketchup on it. You can even add schezwan sauce if you like. And then spread it .

11)Now add a generous amount of cheese of it and then add your choice of toppings.

12)Here i am adding the boiled corn ,followed by the onion slices, then the green capsicum and then the red bell pepper or red capsicum and then the olives.

13)Now sprinkle some garlic slices followed by a pinch of black pepper powder, pinch of mixed italian herbs and a pinch of chilli flakes,

14)and then add a little more cheese on top

15)and now cover it up and cook for 2-3 minutes or until the cheese melts.

Make sure the flame is on low.

16)After 2-3 minutes your pizza should be ready so take it out in a plate and using a pizza cutter cut it in 4 equal slices.

Do serve while hot



If you want the base to be more firm then just add more of the all purpose flour and rice flour and reduce the rava by the same amount.

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