Instant Crispy Jowar Dosa Recipe

Instant Crispy Jowar Dosa Recipe




30 min


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Jowar Dosa is one more variety of dosa for dosa lovers and who would want to try an alternative to dosa which requires fermentation. As this is a instant recipe working moms can easily make this in the morning for breakfast or even make it for their kids lunchbox. Jowar Dosa is a Instant quick dosa prepared with store bought Jowar flour. With basic other ingredients which can be easily found in our own pantry

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Step by Step Video for ” Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for the Jowar Dosa

Sorghum / Jowar flour 1 cup
Rice flour / Chawal ka atta ½ cup
Cumin seed /jeera 1 tsp
Chopped Green chilli 1 tsp
Chopped Onion 1 small
Cilantro / Dhania 1 tbsp
Oil 1/2 tsp per dosa
Salt as per your taste
water 2 1/2 cup

Prepping for the Jowar Dosa

1)In a large mixing bowl let’s add the Sorghum flour or jowar ka atta and the rice flour or chawal ka atta along with salt and jeera which is cumin seeds sliced green chilies and cilantro which is dhania.

2)And add half 1 ½ cups of water and mix everything in once mixed in let’s add the rest of 1 cup of water and mix.

3)The batter should be very water very much like the rava dosa batter

And now keep it aside for half and hour

4)After half an hour add the onions and give it a good stir,  and keep it aside

 Method of making the Jowar Dosa 

1)on a dosa tawa add a little oil and using a brush spread it so it evenly coats all of the surface of the tawa and make sure the flame is on low.

2)And now using a slightly wet cloth wipe off the access oil.

3)And pour the batter from the top making sure that you maintain a good distance so you get the holes like rava dosa,

4)And then just fill up the big holes by adding more batter in the big gaps.

5)And guys just like any other dosa add a little bit of oil to the outside rim of the dosa and wait and cook till we start seeing the dosa color change from white to  golden brown which will be visible mostly on the edges.

6)And using a sharp spatula let’s gently remove the dosa,  and you don’t really need to cook from the other side and remove it in a plate and serve with the coconut coriander chutney for which i already have the recipe on my channel as well as on my website so don’t forget to check that out as well.


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