Khirapat and Panchkhadya Recipe

Khirapat and Panchkhadya Recipe


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Khirapat and Panchkhadya or panch gudkhadya is served after ganpati aarti  during Ganesh chaturthi festival. Khirapat and Panchkhadya is a easy to make dry prasad for Ganpati.

Khirapat and Panchkhadya recipe is made in variety of ways in many Marathi home. Panch khadya is made from 5 ingredients, usually starting from “Kha” in marathi – such as 1)Khobra ( Dry Coconut) 2)Kharik ( Dried Dated) 3)Khadi Sakar (rock sugar) 4)KhusKhus( Poppy seeds) 5) Khismis (Raisins) This Panchkhadya Prasad has long shelf life as compared to Kheerapat, due to roasted ingredients. So lets begin our process of making Khirapat and Panchkhadya.

Step by Step Video for ‘Khirapat and Panchkhadya’ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for Khirapat

Dry Coconut (Grated) 1 cup
Powdered Sugar ¼ cup
Elachi / Cardamom Powder ¼ tsp

Ingredients for Panchkhadya

Dry Coconut (Grated) 1 cup
Kharik/ Chuara/ Dried dates ¼ cup or 100 grams
Khuskhus / Poppy Seeds ¼ tbsp
Rock Sugar/ Khadisakhar / Pathrishakhar/Mishri ¼ cup
Khismis/ Rasins 1 tbsp
Elachi powder/ cardamom powder ¼ tsp

Prepping for Kheerapat and Panchkhadya

  1. Garte the dried coconut.

Method for making Kheerapat.

1)Take a  Kadhai, and  turn on the flame once the kadhi is a bit hot add the grated dry coconut and dry it for just about a minute and not a second longer.

2)Turn off the flame.

3)Let the coconut comes down to room temperature,

4) Once the coconut is at room temperature add the powdered sugar and the cardamom powder / elachi powder and mix it well.

Let’s transfer it to a serving bowl and it’s ready to serve.

Method for making Panchkhadya

1)Take a Kadai and turn on the flame once the kadhai is hot add the khus khus and turn the flame on low.

2) We are going to dry roast the khuskhus for 1 minutes or until the time you start seeing a little change in the color.

3) Once the khuskhus is looking a little golden brown in color add it to a blender and blend it and keep it aside..

4)There is a possibility that the khuskhus will not get blended finely but that’s ok, we want a little coarse texture

5)In the same Kadhai add the roughly chopped kharik. And dry roast them for 2-3 minutes.

6)After 2-3 minutes add it to the same blender in which you have the blended khuskhus.

Keep aside

7)Add the grated dry coconut in the same kadai and dry roast till the time you start seeing a color change this can take about 3-4 minutes depending on the quantity.

8) add it to the same blender as the khuskhus and the kharik and wait for this mix to come down to room temperature.

9)Once it’s at room temperature add the rock sugar and make a coarse powder.

10)transfer the contents from the blender in a mixing bowl.

11)Now add the elaichi powder and half of the kismis and mix well.

12)Transfer in a serving bowl and sprinkle the leftover kismis.

Tips :

  1. If we add the sugar while the coconut is hot then the sugar will start melting and make our khirapat a bit soggy.
  2. If you wish you can also add cashews, almonds or any dry fruits of your choice.

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