Punjabi Chatpati Green Chutney

Punjabi Chatpati Green Chutney




5 min


5 min

This Punjabi Chatpati Green Chutney is my to go chutney, so quick and easy to make and goes with a lot of my dishes, just with a handful of ingredients the taste is dynamite and if you are fond of spicy food then you definitely should make this.

Chutneys as it is add a lot of flavour and taste to any dish, it’s like adding a new dimension and with less efforts you can enrich the flours that you bring to your table.

This chutney is an essential part when i make lachha paratha,or aloo paratha, or gobi paratha or onions paratha or even leftover dal paratha or any pakodas – Aloo Pakoras or Paneer Pakoras or Samosas and many more, but i have to have this chutney when I make these dishes.

I was introduced to this chutney by my Mother in law and since then I have been addicted to it.

I am sure once you make this Punjabi Chatpati Green Chutney there will be no looking back.

Step by Step Video for ‘Punjabi Chatpati Green Chutney’ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients to make the Punjabi Chatpati Green Chutney 

Dhanya / Cilantro Half a bunch
Onion 1 medium size
Green chilli 3-4
Lime juice 1 tsp or 1/4 lime
Cashwes / Kaju 4-5
Curd / Dahi 1 tbsp
Salt as per your taste

Prepping for the Punjabi Chatpati Green Chutney

  1. Take the fresh Dhania / Cilantro (about half a bunch) and wash it thoroughly then drain the water

Method for making the Punjabi Chatpati Green Chutney

  1. Roughly cut the dhania and add it out blender.
  2. Along with roughly cut 3 big green chillies,
  3. Followed by 4-5 cashews.
  4. lime juice about ½ tsp
  5. Then let’s add one roughly chopped Medium sized onion
  6. Followed by the 1 tbsp of curd
  7. And last but not the least some salt.
  8. Now blend until it’s smooth.
  9. Once the chutney is nicley blended time to remove in a bowl and serve with Parathas, pakoras, or some tikkis.
  10. You can also store this chutney in an airtight container for the next 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

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