How To Make Smoked Chaas / Buttermilk recipe

How To Make Smoked Chaas / Buttermilk recipe




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Beat the heat like a true Indian, with India’s special and favourite soothing and refreshing Smoked Chaas. It is any easy to make and hassle free drink

Smoked chaas, Smoked buttermilk or popularly called as masala taak is the most popular Indian beverage made from yogurt. Every household in India makes this during the summers. yogurt helps to reduce your body heat during the hot weather. It is served along with our meals which also aids in digestion is a great appetizer.

But in this video, we will be adding a twist to regular buttermilk recipe. We will be adding a smoky flavor to it, which really gives it a pleasant aroma & smoky taste.

Isn’t it interesting ?

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Step by Step Video for ‘Smoked Chaas‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients to make the Smoked Chaas

Curd / Dahi/ Yogurt 1 cup
Cumin seed / Jeera 1 tsp
Mild Green chilli / Hari mirch 1
Cilantro / Dhania 1 tbsp
Curry leaves / Kadi patta 8 to 10
Black salt / Kala namak ¼ tsp
Salt as per your taste
Refind butter / Ghee ½ tsp
Coal 1
Chilled Water 2 cup

Prepping for the Smoked Chaas 

1) Wash and chop the Cilantro which is Dhanya and keep it aside in a bowl .

Method for making the Smoked Chaas

1)Add one cup of curd in a blender and add two cups of chilled water along with it and blend until both become one with each other.

2)Once the chaas or the buttermilk is blended in it in a bowl,  and then at the Dhanya which is cilantro Followed by some salt and then the black salt and now we’re just going to mix it all in.     

3) one makes let’s keep it aside and let’s start working on our tadka which is tempering.

4) so now in a tempering Pan left at the ghee just clarified butter.

5) and once the ghee is hot Left at the cumin seeds which is Jeera,  and once they start to sizzle add the curry leaves which is Kari Patta, and the roughly Chopped green chillies

6)after about 20 seconds we’re going to add our tempering on top of the buttermilk.

7)  now take a piece of coal and hold it on top of a flame make sure to use tongs while doing this

8) after about 2 minutes the coal should be ready so put it in a steel bowl and using a thong put that Steel bowl on top of the buttermilk.

9) now add about half teaspoon of clarified butter or ghee on top of the call and you will start seeing smoke coming out off the coal so immediately cover a lid.

10)And keep it covered for the next 15 to 20 seconds

11)  after about 20 seconds open the lid and remove the Steel bowl using Tongs as the ball will be very hot so do not use your hands   

12) and now give it a quick stir,  and serve it chilled in a glass.


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