Homemade Starbucks Hot Chocolate – CopyCat Recipe :)

Homemade Starbucks Hot Chocolate – CopyCat Recipe :)




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Do you guys love Hot Chocolate and are you guys crazy about the Starbucks Hot chocolate? If the answer to either of the questions is yes then this recipe is just for you .

I can guarantee that this version of hot chocolate is different than all the hot chocolate recipes.

I actually came up with this recipe as I was craving for the starbucks hot chocolate, and if you are anything like me if you crave something you gotta have it. For some reason I was not keen on going to starbucks ( in short was to lazy for a drive 🙂 ) I raided my pantry and my refrigerator.

And to my disappointed as I was out of cocoa powder and chocolate chips. But with the craving for hot chocolate nothing was going to stop me. So I came across this ingredient( secret till the time you watch my video) and it was like a uh ha moment for me. It got me really excited and I immediately made it. You won’t believe unless you make it yourself, that it tasted exactly like Starbucks Hot Chocolate. I gave a pat on my back curled up in my favourite chair with my favourite book sipping my Hot Chocolate with a smile on my face.

Step by Step Video for ‘Hot Chocolate‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for Hot Chocolate

Choco Chips Ice Cream (Amul) 3-4 Scoops
Milk ½ cup

Ingredients for the Topping

Mini Marshmallows(optional) 2 tbsp



  1. In a pot add the Choco Chips Ice Cream and half of the milk. Bring it to boil. Add more milk if need be.
  2. Pour in your favorite cup and enjoy while hot

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