Tea Spice ( Indian Chai Masala) – Homemade Recipe

Tea Spice ( Indian Chai Masala) – Homemade Recipe


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India has been known for its spices and tea spice is very much in demand as the Indian Tea, popularly known as Chai, is famous all over the world for its unique taste. Masala Chai (Masala Tea) is the most popular version, and that is what you get when you order a “Special Chai” at any hotels, restaurants and cafeterias across India.

Not all the households keep this Chai ka Masala (Tea Spice), and those who do, buy it from the Market. But, NO MORE. Learn how to make Chai Masala(tea spice) at home in only few minutes. Not only you can make it at almost half the cost, but can also control the quality and taste.

And I can say that this Tea Spice is the best as my Great Grandfather  and grandfather were both into this business. So you can imagine I grew up visiting tea farms and seeing how tea is made from scratch along with the tea spice.  Even though I  am a green tea kind of gal but I can make a mean masala chai using this homemade version of Tea spice.
So let’s get busy and make this My Special Version Of Tea Spice and stand apart from the crowd.

Step by Step Video for Homemade ‘Tea Spice ( Indian Chai Masala)’ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)


Ingredient for Tea Spice ( Indian Chai Masala)

Dry Ginger ( Sookhee Adarak / saunth) ½ cup or 100 grams
Cardamom (Ilaayachee) ⅔ cup or 50 grams
Black Peppercorns (Kaalee Mirch Ke Daane) ½ Cup or 50 grams
Cinnamon (Dalachini) 1 Tablespoon or 10 grams
Cloves (Launag) 1 Tablespoon or 10 grams


  1. Add all the Spices in a blender and make a fine powder of it. The dry ginger might be too tough on the blades of the blender, if so then just use the old fashioned mortar pestle for crushing it halfway and then adding it to the blender.
  2. Store in an airtight container to retain the aroma and flavours of the spices.
  3. Use 1 Pinch of this Tea Spice for 1 Cup of Tea.

Make this Tea spice at home and trust me you will never ever buy the tea spice from the market. Cheers!

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