Tender Coconut Juice Recipe – 1 minute recipe for a refreshing drink.

Tender Coconut Juice Recipe – 1 minute recipe for a refreshing drink.




1 min


1 min

Are you feeling thirsty? Are you feeling like coconut water? Lets just wait and jazz it up.I bring you a 1 minute recipe that will turn your coconut water into tender coconut juice.

This tender coconut juice is absolutely more refreshing than the plain coconut water, so next time you buy coconut bring it home and make this recipe. You will be amazed a to how simple it is and how tasty it is.

I was introduced to this recipe by my mother. She had once made it for her kitty party and people could not stop having it. Like most of my mom’s recipes it was a hit and she became the star of her kitty group.

Food can be funny at time , just bring two or three ingredient together which you would not normally think of and they would make an really tasty dish. So without further delays let’s make you the star of your kitchen.

Step by Step Video for ‘Tender Coconut Juice’ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients to Make Tender Coconut Juice

Coconut water 1 cup
Tender coconut (Soft Malai) ¼ cup
Sugar 1 tsp


  1. Pierce a hole in the coconut and remove the water in a bowl.
  2. Using a spoon or a scooper remove the tender coconut (cream) from the inside of the coconut. (Always ask the coconut seller to give you a coconut with very tender cream inside, due to their experience they will be able to give you the right one).


  1. Take the coconut water, the tender coconut and the sugar, and put it in a Blender.
  2. Blend till the tender coconut is fully blended in with the coconut water. This hardly takes time.
  3. Pour the Tender Coconut Juice in a bowl and freeze it for 10 minutes. This juice tastes even better when it’s served cold.
  4. Now pour it into a serving glass and serve chilled.

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