Veg Kofta Curry recipe

Veg Kofta Curry recipe




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Koftas are essentially meatballs or fried dumplings in a curry. But why should vegetarian people not enjoy this delicious dish. So here i bring you my moms veg kofta curry recipe which is absolutely delicious.

This is a trick-treat! People in your family who scrunch up their noses at the very mention of ghiya/dudhi/lauki/bottle gourd will love this. Try it. I was averse to even buying lauki, leave alone eating it. But this recipe converted me. I am sure once you try it you will make it very often.

Step by Step Video for ‘Veg Kofta Curry‘ Recipe (Scroll Down for detailed & printable recipe)

Ingredients for the Kofta

dudhi/ lauki/ bottle gourd/ghiya 1 cup grated
Dania / cilantro ⅛ cup
Chawal ka atta / rice flour ¼ cup
Besan / gram flour ¼ cup
Ginger chilli paste / adrak mirchi paste 1 tsp
Haldi / turmeric ¼ tsp
Baking soda 2 pinch
Oil 1 tsp
Salt as per your taste

Ingredients for the Kofta Gravy

Onions large size 2
Tomatoes medium size 2
Green chilli 2
Garlic cloves 4
Cilantro / dhania 1 tbsp
Grated fresh coconut ¼ cup
Fresh cream ¼ cup
Kashmiri red chilli powder 1 tbsp
Dania jeera powder / coriander cumin powder ½ tsp each
Dahi / curd 1 tbsp
Haldi / turmeric ¼ tsp
Garam masala ¼ tsp
Salt as per your taste
Oil 1-2 tbsp

Prepping for the Kofta Curry Recipe

1)Grate the dudhi/ lauki/ bottle gourd.

2) in a blender add the green chilli and the freshly grated coconut and make a paste. And then remove it in a bowl.

3)add the garlic and the roughly diced up onions and make a paste,

And remove it in a bowl as well.

4)The third and the last is the tomato puree so add the roughly chopped tomatoes and blend and remove it in a bowl. Keep Aside.

Method for making the Koftas

1)Take a big flat dish, to that add the Grated lauki followed by the rice flour which is chawal ka atta, then the besan which is gram flour, baking soda, ginger chilli paste, turmeric which is haldi, some salt and some fresh dhania, and about 1 tsp of oil and mix it all in and make a soft dough.

2)As the lauki will keep oozing water you do not need to add any extra water.

3)Once the kofta dough keep it aside.

4)And let’s get ready for steaming, so take a holed plate and grease it with oil

5)And then take a little bit of oil in my hands so that you can start working on the kofta dough, without it sticking to your hands.

6) take a small amount of this dough and by gently pressing it give it a rectangular shape and then place it on top of the greased plate,

7)Once all your koftas are shaped Fill a pressure cooker or a rice cooker with water.

8) Once the water comes to a boil keep the greased kofta plate on top and cover it up, make sure the flame is on high and cook for the next 12-13 minutes.

9)The way you can know that your koftas are steamed is by piercing a toothpick and if nothing sticks that means they are cooked,

10)After the koftas are steamed its time for us to shallow fry them so add some oil in a pan and once it hot  add the koftas.

11)You are going to cook them on medium flame for the next 1-2 minutes or until they are golden brown in color.

12)Then you need to flip them and cook for just 1 minute.

13)Once the are golden brown in color from both sides remove them in a plate.


Method for making the Kofta Gravy

1)Take a kadai, and add about 2 tbsp of oil and once the oil is hot add the kashmiri red chilli powder and the onion paste and cook for 3-4 minutes or until the onions are fully cooked add some salt as well so the onions cook a little faster,

2)Once the onions are cooked add the tomato puree and mix it all in.

3) then add the turmeric which is haldi and the dhania jeera powder which is coriander cumin powder and mix well, now lets cook for the next 3-4 minutes or until the tomatoes are also fully cooked

4)Once the tomatoes are cooked add the green chilli and coconut paste and mix well and cook for the next 4-5 minutes or until the oil starts oozing out of it

4)Then add the curd and mix it well and then add the cream one spoon at a time and mix well in as well.

5)Once everything is nicely mixed in add 2 cups of hot water and keep stirring it in and wait for the gravy come to a boil,

6)it’s always a good idea to have a little bit more gravy as the koftas will keep soaking the water.

7)Once the gravy has come to a boil add the garam masala followed by the dhaina and then one by one add the koftas, and cook for 2-3 minutes.

8)And once the dish is ready ready so remove it in a serving bowl and serve while hot with lachha paratha or garlic naan and jeera rice.


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