Strawberries – Facts you probably don’t know.


The moment anyone mentions strawberries, a picture of a beautiful red fruit with a green crown with a sweet taste comes in front of your eyes. Besides Mangoes, Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits. I just love everything about them – the way they look, when the are perfectly ripe; their beautiful colour, sweet taste and how they melt in your mouth.

But did you know, that strawberry is not a fruit as its seeds are on the outside. It has around about 200 seeds per fruit and is a member of the rose family.

Strawberries were claimed to be in existence since Roman times and were used as luxury items by Kings. Besides treating them as the luxury, they were also used as medicine and were used to treat depression and inflammation.

In the recent times, very few studies have been done on strawberries. However, there seems to be some indication that they do help in decreasing cardiovascular risks and some of the properties of the strawberries are anti-inflammatory and anticancer. Besides this, they also can help in lowering hypertension, cholesterol and sugar levels. But enough about that, we all eat strawberries because of its juicy texture and its sweet taste. 😛

As a cook, it’s a delight to work with strawberries. There are so many different ways I like to incorporate them during the season. Few of my absolute favourites using strawberries are – strawberry milkshake, strawberry yoghurt, strawberry with whipped cream, strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, strawberry ice-cream, chocolate covered strawberries. And as if this was not enough, I slice them and store in the fridge so I can enjoy them for a few more extra months when the season gets over. I then use them as an addition to my cereal and to make cereal bars.

If you have any more ideas as to how I can use them, please do leave me some comments.

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